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Derek Mason (long) (copy on other board)

Postby Go Vandy! » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:25 pm

is a great guy. A class guy. Someone you would want to live next door to. A well-respected person & D-coordinator. There has never & will never be a hint of scandal or unethical behavior from him.

But he is not the answer as HC for VU. (If Ws hold any importance.) I know it, even those of you who want to keep him if he never wins another game until he literally falls over dead on the sideline know it. He knows it. He can't afford to quit a $2+ mil a year job. I didn't leave a $50k job until forced to even though my boss was going to fire me "for cause". ("Cause" being i couldn't read his mind.)

I am 64. I have been to EVERY Vandy bowl game, except maybe the '55 Gator, which my Dad was at, unless my Mom prohibited him due to having a 1-year old kid at home. I have been to 100s of regular season games. I'm so thankful my Dad got to see a 3-year period in which Vandy won 24 games. I don't care if they beat Taylor-Stratton Elem. 24 times. Which they didn't, btw, they did that in the SEC. & which will probably NEVER happen in the next 10,000 seasons.

The most mind-blowing thing in my half-century+ of being a Vandy fan- and I confess I have tried NOT TO BE more than once, & failed- is how a large part of the fanbase refuses to accept those Ws since the coach wasn't their BFF. It's idiotic. It's childish. Those fans don't deserve to see VU EVER win a another game.

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