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Van Heflin has died

For discussion regarding the Vanderbilt Commodores' football program.

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Van Heflin has died

Post by AuricGoldfinger » Sat Jul 10, 2021 8:57 am

He was Vanderbilt's first black QB to start consistently for the Commodores back in the late 1970s (1978 and 1979).

RIP Van.
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Re: Van Heflin has died

Post by BrentVU » Sat Jul 10, 2021 3:21 pm

In 1978 he threw three touchdown passes in Tuscaloosa against the Bear Bryant-coached Alabama team that won the national championship.
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Re: Van Heflin has died

Post by Seadog73 » Sun Jul 11, 2021 7:05 am

Heart attack at 62.
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Re: Van Heflin has died

Post by admin » Sun Jul 11, 2021 2:28 pm

I think he moved to tailback for the 1979 season and did pretty well. Sorry to see him gone. We won't forget him. Hey, he handed off the ball to Frank Mordica in that record-setting Mordica rushing game in 78. Crazy that both of them are gone now.
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