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Good start to the preseason

Discuss Nashville's NFL team here, the Tennessee Titans.

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Good start to the preseason

Post by Titans309fan » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:58 am

After going 0-4 last year in the preseason, it was nice to get a solid 27-10 win against the Eagles last night (thought they did sit Wentz).

I really liked how Humphries could get open and make some tough catches. I wish Mariota played more than one series, but I am sure he will next week against the Pats.

Tannehill looks to be a definite improvement to the backup QB role over Gabbert. I was impressed at how he would stay calm in the pocket, even with it collapsing around him. He didn't take a sack and had some big 3rd down conversions, as well as 2 TDs. This is still Mariota's team, but if Ryan does come in, he should do well.

Taywan Taylor was one of the few negatives, dropping a TD (it was deflected a little, but an NFL receiver still should have caught it), dropping another pass, and having a foot out of bounds on an attempted catch. The other receivers that played just did better.

The Patriots and Titans will have some joint practices next week before the game on Saturday.
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