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For user testing or posting how-to instructions for forum tools.

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Post by admin » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:22 pm

Be courteous to others or don't post.

The following are not allowed in VandyMania's forums.

1. Using the forum or inbox system to commit a crime or advocate committing a crime.

2. Name calling or vulgar language.

3. Personal attacks or hate speech.

4. Advertising without permission of the site publisher.

5. Pornographic links, photos or anything that could promote pornography.

6. Vulgar sexual references.

7. Spamming.

8. Trolling or Flamebait (Intentional posting of inflammatory rhetoric or images). Posting just to call others out.

9. Violations of copyright laws.

10. No political, racial or religious discussions are allowed.

11. Referring to or questioning anyone's sexual orientation.

12. Using the forum or inbox system to reveal an individuals' contact information or real name if they use an alias.

13. Campaigning for the removal of coaches or Vanderbilt employees is not allowed-- please direct your concerns to proper channels.

14. Fans of other teams, you're more than welcome to post here; but if you taunt, you won't last.

15. Posing. That is appearing to be a Vanderbilt fan but posting in a manner in order to bring discredit to the school or its athletic teams.

16. Please don't lash out at posters who violate forum rules. Instead, report the post by clicking the exclamation point when viewing the post. (see image below)

NOTE: Any material deemed inappropriate will be deleted and the user may be banned at the sole discretion of the administrator, moderator or site publisher.
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