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Message to VandyMania Subscribers

Insider forum for fans of Vanderbilt football, men's and women's basketball, and baseball. Signup for access here If you are a premium member and are having trouble accessing this board please email Include your username in the email.
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Message to VandyMania Subscribers

Post by admin » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:29 pm

VandyMania Subscribers,

I just unsubscribed everyone from the VandyMania premium plans. Don't
worry though, you'll still have access to the Commodore Command Center.

The reason I unsubscribed everyone is that I want to go to different model
for how we do premium content. Moreover, many of you subscribed for the
annual plans back in January-March 2017 when we had the many recruiting
articles being cranked out. We have had some premium content in the CCC
but it was mostly non-recruiting stuff. I didn't feel comfortable letting
those subscriptions auto-renew when our product isn't as high of quality as
it was when many of you signed up originally.

Again, subscribers will still have access to the CCC until further notice.
Within the next month or so we should announce a new method/system for
serving our loyal VandyMania subscribers.

If anyone has suggestions for how to go about this going forward, please
feel free to reply to this email or email me at or
call me (number below).

Thanks so much for your loyal support. NOTE: This action should not affect
anyone's access or ability to post in the VandyMania forums.

Don Yates
(253) 820-7511
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Don Yates - Publisher, Fl@g